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Thanks for checking out my Flex Belt review. If you’re reading this review of Flex Belt, you’re probably looking for ways to tone up your midsection, like I was, after developing the dreaded muffin-top and being distinctly more wobbly than before, which led me to the Flex Belt toning belt.

Mention toning belts to anyone and my guess is that they’ll think of those terrible 80s electronic machines that jiggle your wobbly bits. Either that, or the image of some kind of torture device with electrical pads and wires all over your body will spring to mind. Luckily, technology has moved on and we have new research, new technology and subsequently new results to be had. I gave the Flex Belt, the synonymous name in this field, an in-depth trial to assist anyone considering muscle stimulation as a way to target their abs without relying on the dreaded crunches. I hope you love my review, which includes all the bad stuff as well as the great, and I’ve made sure to throw in a few ‘cheats’ to get exceptional results!

I’ve also included several links to authorized sellers of genuine Flex Belts in my review, so that should you want to go ahead and order one, you can do so with the peace of mind that you’re getting an authentic Flex Belt with all of the guarantees. Happy reading, and as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts too!

WARNING: A Word Of Caution When Buying

For your safety, I recommend that you buy the Flex Belt from the official website. I’ve read numerous flex belt reviews on the web that mention counterfeits are in circulation at places like eBay and Amazon. Luckily there are coupons which offer decent savings for the Flex Belt at the official website. As of 2014, this coupon is the most reliable and offers the most savings.

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What is the Flex Belt and EMS?

flex belt packageA bit of technical blurb to explain what makes the Flex Belt such a popular choice for celebs, sports and fitness gurus and the general public first, then we’ll get to the ‘how to get the most out of your Flex Belt’ and ‘results’ sections.

Flex Belt is medical grade toning technology, a belt that you wear around your waist that activates your abs and oblique muscles by delivering low level electronic signals to contract and relax your muscles (EMS).

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation, i.e. using gentle electrical waves to contract and relax muscles. It’s been used for decades to treat muscle problems, there are too many research articles and scholarly papers to wade through them all, but a few findings include:

Clinical Research Findings

  • EMS noticeably improves physical fitness of sedentary adults after 6 weeks
  • EMS produces a physiological response similar to mild-to-moderate cardio vascular exercise
  • 4 weeks of EMS helped significantly improve basketball players isokinetic strength and squat jump results
  • 12 weeks of EMS improved rugby players isokinetic strength, squat strength, squat jump, and drop jump by up to 15%
  • After 3.5 weeks of EMS on patients who had total knee arthroplasty there was a significant change in quadriceps muscle strength and activation
  • Muscle mass loss was slowed down for critically ill patients when EMS was used

This is all compelling stuff, and it’s satisfying to know that this approach has been rigorously tested across many kinds of medical studies. I mean, there are enough ‘miracle’ products out there already, right? We need more real products!

About The Flex Belt And Its Research

F1.largeThe Flex Belt has been the leader in the abs belt field for over 15 years, and has sold over 2 million Flex Belts to people like you and I. It uses the same technology used for over 30 years in the health care and physical therapy industries, to stimulate and ‘confuse’ muscles to improve muscle tone and strength. Research results showed that:

  • In a six week trial, 100% of participants say their abs felt more toned
  • In a six week trial, 92.3% of participants felt that the firmness of their abs had increased
  • In an 8 week trial, participants saw a 49% increase in abdominal strength
  • In an 8 week trial, participants saw a 72% increase in abdominal endurance

How Does It Work?

It promotes muscle confusion, which can happen when you do the same workout again and again. Unfortunately the body gets used to it quickly, so we need to ‘shake up’ the workouts, which you can do with the huge range of Flex Belt programs.

Is It Trusted And Safe To Use?

In a word, yes. The Flex Belt is medical-grade technology and has been cleared by the governing body FDA, essentially making it ‘fit for purpose’. A word of warning guys, never trust anything that has no clinical research and has not been FDA cleared or approved. It might not be fit for purpose.

So, with 2 million customers, I was keen to do a bit of digging to find out what the real consensus is and whether Flex Belt is truly a trusted name. On Facebook the company has nearly 34,000 likes so not an insignificant amount. I found their Facebook site a little too sales-like and a little less interactive than I’d prefer from a company, although on Twitter they were a lot more engaging with their 25,000 followers. There’s a good mix of positive reviews, user questions answered, hints & tips, and celebrities pitching in too, and on Amazon the belt receives just under 4 out of 5 from its reviewers. All in all, by combining the research, FDA clearance, thousands of fans and good reviews, I’d say yes, it’s to be trusted.

Who Is It For?

Flex Belt is one of those products that’s suitable for everyone because it offers a range of programs and settings. This means that it can be used on the lower levels by people new to fitness or recovering from injuries, but is also a fantastic addition to the workouts of those who are more advanced as it goes up to level 150. That’s why it’s the abs belt of choice for professional athletes, as well as home users like you or I. Also, it’s popular with those with lower back pain, to ease the soreness.

Obviously you shouldn’t be using this if you’re pregnant, although you can use it 6 weeks after a natural birth or 3 months after a caesarian birth, as you need to let scar tissue heal first.

What’s In The Box And Setting Up The Flex Belt

flex belt box contents

I ordered from this link and my package contained the following, well-packed and quality elements: Flex Belt, LCD remote/battery, Gel pads, AC adaptor, User manual, Belt extension, and Travel bag

I love this part of my reviews because I love catching manufacturers out with their user manuals often bearing no likeness to reality!! For my Flex Belt review however, it was very simple to follow, to my disappointment. You just charge the LCD handheld remote, wrap the belt around your waist and tighten using the Velcro tabs, position the gel pads (see ‘Cheats’ section for the best place), plug your handheld into the side of the belt, switch on using the power button, and select your intensity or pre-programmed workout.

*Important Note!* Start low and work your way up!!! Don’t assume because you go to the gym that you can start high!! *cough, cough*

flex belt controllerThere are different buttons to decrease and increase the intensity of the electronic stimulation, ranging from 1 to 150. There are also 10 pre-designed programs that you can choose from, and a timer display to show how long you’ve got left in your workout.

It depends on you as an individual whether you follow the set program guidelines included in the user guide. I’m sure there are people out there who like to ‘freestyle’ their workouts, but I wanted maximum results so I followed their six week program but upped the intensity when I felt I could. I’m sure once I get good results and I’m in the maintenance phase, I’ll determine my own workouts, but for now, I’m following the best practice guidelines.

What Does The Flex Belt Feel Like?

This is what everyone wants to know! To say it is comfortable would be a lie, but to say it’s hugely uncomfortable would also be a lie. It’s a very odd sensation and exactly how one would expect to feel getting small electrical currents to contract the muscles! It’s not unpleasant, but you are aware of it, of course. I actually found it easier to get on with something else, such as riding on my stationary bike or going for a brisk walk, as then you get a whole range of twinges and twitches and you’re not just focused on the next abs one you’ll be receiving!!

Obviously the higher the intensity, the more the discomfort. Over the course of the first six weeks, I went from level 30 to level 85 so over halfway there, and that felt like my maximum threshold. But in the two weeks following, I got that up to 95, so who’s to say whether the elusive 150 is attainable?! I just can’t imagine it at the moment!!

So…Does It Work?

For me, this is a no-brainer. I cut carbs down in the evening and cut my wine intake to the weekends. I did the Flex Belt religiously for 30 minutes a day, five times a week, usually in conjunction with a walk or cycle on my stationary bike. In the last couple of weeks, I finished each session with a five minutes crunch session, and always ate after, not before. Did I feel any improvement?

YES! I not only felt it, but saw it! My waist went down from 31 inches at the start to 28.5 inches after the first 6 weeks, and not only that but my obliques had more definition and there was even a semblance of a six pack forming. I doubt that this is due exclusively to the Flex Belt, but used in conjunction with a more active lifestyle and better eating, I have seen results that I really did not expect to see after 2 children.

I also did some before-and-after comparisons; before using the Flex Belt I could do 90 sit ups before crashing, and a plank on my elbows for 1 min 5 seconds, and an average of 48 seconds per side, without collapsing. After six weeks with the Flex Belt, these shot to:

  • 160 sit ups (an increase of over 70%)
  • Plank for 2 min 20 (an increase of over 100%)
  • Side planks increased from 48 seconds to 1 min 20 (an increase of just over 50%)

I’m delighted, I haven’t had abs like this since I was in my twenties and did yoga and pilates every day, and with the Flex Belt it takes just 30 minutes rather than 2 hours.

Super results, fast. Want to try the Flex Belt for yourself? Use this link to take you to an authorized dealer to benefit from their 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

Get The Most Out Of Your Flex Belt!

I trawled the web to find out the best cheats to maximizing your Flex Belt output! Obviously, the right diet and combining the Flex Belt sessions with some cardio will boost your results (duh, of course!) but I knew there would be easier cheats out there!

  1. Gently exfoliate your stomach with a towel or loofah before each session to remove dead skin for an effective workout
  2. The best position for the pads is on either side, between the hips and ribs, and one above your belly button
  3. Use the highest intensity you can, and move up a level every five minutes in your 30 min session for storming results!
  4. If you can bear it, try doing sit ups and crunches straight after the session for a power blast!
  5. Walk and tone at the same time, combine the Flex Belt with some low level cardio…you could even get on your bike, climb stairs or go rollerblading!
  6. Don’t overdo it – there’s no point doing two Flex Belt sessions in one day. Missed one? Don’t worry – just do the next day’s and make sure you rest for 2 days each week
  7. Prolong the life of your gel pads by wiping with a little hand sanitizer after use and wiping off the excess
  8. Cover the pads with their plastic covers immediately after use for a longer-lasting term
  9. Cut out carbs to reduce belly fat and improve the results of your Flex Belt

What’s Great About The Flex Belt?

  • Fast, effective results
  • Easy to use, newbie program to help you get the best out of it
  • Short sessions, five times a week
  • Improved core strength helps with everything from posture to sleep
  • Can do other things whilst using (housework, computer work, exercise)
  • Targets hard to reach abdominal and oblique muscles
  • Eliminates back and neck injuries common with crunches
  • Encourages healthy lifestyle
  • Great for novices and experts alike
  • FDA cleared and medical-grade
  • Endorsements from celebrated actors, actresses and fitness professionals
  • Great discounts (see this link for your best deal)

Anything Not So Great?

  • Some people have found the cost prohibitive (around $150 for the device and $15 for the pads, replaceable every 4-8 weeks) although for me, the cost of back and neck pain after doing a wrong crunch is the same as one osteopath session
  • It’s not a miracle worker, users can’t wear it in front of the TV eating ice cream all day and expect to see results
  • It’s not a weight loss tool, it’s a core strengthening tool

What Others Are Saying

There are hundreds of Flex Belt reviews available on the internet, so I have gone through them to summarize the ones that are most common – good and bad – for my readers.

  • “The Flex Belt is fantastic, you have six weeks to see if it works, I saw it working before then.” Donna Hearns, MA
  • “You can get really, really awesome results from the Flex Belt.” Sam Riley, YouTube.com reviewer
  • “Flex Belt has proved to be the best device that you were looking for making the kind of abs you want even in the presence of several other similar devices in the market.” Flex Beltreviews101.com
  • “You still need to watch what you eat but I have noticed more definition in my abs, five out of five.” Andrea D, Amazon reviewer
  • “This does work…but I don’t think it’ll help lose weight.” Nathan Anderson, Amazon reviewer
  • “There is not a single mention on the flex belt official website that you will lose weight. It does what they promise it does and does it better than any other ab belt.” Marcel Baine, online reviewer


My opinion: A summary review of Flex Belt

My regular readers know that I love fitness and always try and make time for it, but sometimes it’s just not possible. And we all know how hard it is (who just shouted ‘impossible’?!) to target those abs and oblique muscles. I undertook this Flex Belt review to see whether it was possible to get better results from an ab-belt, and I’m delighted with the results after 8 weeks of use. It’s simple, effective, not as uncomfortable as you’d imagine, and IT WORKS, although it’s not a miracle cure and you need to integrate your diet and other exercise for best results. Upshot: you’ve a 60 day money-back guarantee AND loads of fantastic Flex Belt discounts to benefit from – give it a try and see for yourself if you can discover those long-lost abdominals! Happy flexing! xoxo

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International Journal of Sports Medicine, vol. 21, 2000, pp. 437-443

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  1. Will this work on strengthening the lower abdominal muscles ( below the belly button )?

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    • Hi Denise,

      Yes it will work for the lower abdominals. You are able to reposition it up or down.

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    • Strengthen if it’s already somewhat toned, yes! But if your trying to lose the after baby kangaroo pouch that’s hard to tone up, it’s not going to happen. The best thing you can do is try Cutting gel or non surgical Lipo (belly wrap) at a weight loss clinic to tighten up before you use the flex belt. Hope this helps you out… need anymore advice on that or other areas, email anytime D33z9tz@Gmail.com

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  2. I lost weight fast has saggie arms stomach thighs will this help me

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  5. Does this flex belt really works.Mt stomatch tight i just have a little pug and i want to know before i buy the flex belt will it work.

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    • Yes it will work, it is perfect for that 😉

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      • I’ve done some research about the flex belt and it seems like a great product and I’ve watched some review videos and one made it seem like if you got your stomach toned and you stopped using it your abs would quickly start to look like they did before you started and I was wonder if that’s true because I don’t want to be using this for a long time

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