Flex belt update – what’s the best exercise program to do along with the Flex belt?

Hi again! Thanks for all your kind comments and posts, I’m really glad that I can help you get the best from your Flex belt. My last post, about what diet works best with Flex belt was really popular and I hope that it helped you make a few small changes to get the best abs ever.

In this post, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the best exercise program to do when you’re doing the Flex belt. A lot of people have asked me for my opinion on this, or indeed whether they should be doing more exercise or whether the Flex belt is enough.

Let’s just clear up this point.

The Flex belt is awesome, you all know that I love it and I love the hard abs it’s given me. But this is not just due to the Flex belt. It’s also about diet – what’s the point in having strong abs if they’re hidden under a layer of flab? – and unfortunately this belt won’t melt fat from you. You still need to do some exercise to get the best results.

So what’s the best exercise program to do when you’re also using the Flex belt?

For me – there is only one type. You’re going to hate the word; it sends shivers down most people’s spines. But don’t be scared, you can work at your own pace. So what’s the magic word, what’s the best exercise to do in conjunction with the Flex belt?

Here it goes: Interval Training. UGH…I know right? But if you want to see REAL results from your Flex belt, you need to burn away the stubborn fat that you’re holding on to, so that the Flex belt can target that midsection. And there is no better way to burn fat than interval training.

But fret not, we’re not talking Insanity-style circuits (although I love Shaun T!). As long as you raise your heart rate then let it drop again to recover, that’s interval training. New to exercise? Try skipping for a minute then resting for 30 seconds to a minute to bring your heart rate down. Repeat five times, there’s your own little interval program. And as you get more fit, the time it takes to recover drops dramatically, meaning your body is processing oxygen better than before and you’re getting superfit!

Try interval training with any exercise you like – run hard for 1 minute then jog or walk for 30 seconds. Get on a spin bike and race yourself for a minute then drop down to a gentle cycle for 30 seconds. No gym? There are a hundred exercises you could do at home! Try high knees, burpees, jumping jacks…anything you like! Just make sure you GO FOR IT then give yourself a break to recover, as many times as you can. I defy you to not see amazing results!

So that’s it – that’s how simple it is. Interval training is the training of choice by athletes and professionals, as it delivers such amazing results. Combining this with the Flex belt abs toner and the perfect fat melting diet, and you’ll be in the best shape of your life, quicker than you imagine! Good luck and keep me posted with your progress, here’s to the bodies we’ve always dreamed of! Love, Lisa xx

Author: Lisa

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