Flexbelt update – what’s the best diet?

Soy-whey-protein-dietHi everyone! If you’re reading this, then you are probably trying to discover the best diet that works with the Flex belt. Flex belt offers a nutritional guide when you buy one of its ab toning belts, and in it you’ll find a lot of diet advice such as snacking on yogurt and almonds, eating more vegetables and grains and so on.

So does the Flex belt diet work? Sure, and it’s particularly good for those new to exercise or healthy eating as it encourages the user to eat a balanced diet rich in nutrition and really focus on moving away from diet saboteurs.

Is it the best diet? Well, I’m not convinced. The secret to ripped abs is down to diet diet diet! You may feel you’re being healthy but let me tell you, there are some really harmful things lurking in your cupboards if you want to be showing off your six-pack! Let’s look at the major contributors:

  • Diet sodas, diet yogurt, diet anything – all those sweeteners trick the brain into wanting more sweet stuff which is terrible in the long term. And also, they’re totally chemical and have been linked to 82 different negative side effects including neurological and psychological illnesses. Ditch the pretense.
  • Coffee or other caffeinated drinks – when we drink caffeine, our body goes into ‘fight or flight’ mode and triggers the production of stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol makes us crave more sugary snacks, as well as being responsible for the ring of fat around our middle – cut the stress and you’ll cut the fat.
  • Fruits and juices – yes, you read right, not all fruits are good for us! Some are ultra-sugary especially if you’re snacking on dried fruits like dehydrated pineapple, or drinking fruit juice, even if it’s no sugar added. Ease back and go for the less sweet versions like berries.
  • The wrong fats – to lose fat you actually have to eat fat! But there are loads of types you should avoid, such as (hydrogenated) trans fats or unhealthy cooking oils like soya or canola oil.
  • Sugar – in any form. When we eat sugary foods, the sugar level in our blood spikes and the body has to produce insulin to counteract the spike. Excess insulin is stored as, yep, you’ve guessed it, fat, especially around our midsections. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to wean yourself off these sugary treats.
  • Alcohol – unfortunately alcohol is mostly sugar and has no beneficial attributes, apart from the fun of the night of course 😉  But the next day is also a killer, I mean who craves broccoli after a night out? It’s the fast food or unhealthy snacking the next day that fuels the problem.

So that’s what NOT to eat, and it might seem like a bit of a task but actually, it’s really easy to melt the pounds from the middle, which makes this the perfect Flex belt diet for real results. Here are my guidelines to getting the abs of your dreams, combining the Flex belt and the following diet:

  • Eat clean. Eat lots of vegetables and whole grains like brown rice or quinoa. Sounds boring I know but these whole grains contain loads of amino acids which make them great at fueling your body for exercise as well as helping you grow healthy muscles.
  • Eat protein. For good muscle growth you need to eat protein at every meal. Veggie? Eat eggs, tofu or beans for a super hit of protein. Carnivore? Go for naturally low fat proteins like chicken breast, turkey or cottage cheese.
  • Decaf your drinks. Of course, not everyone loves the taste of green tea or herbal infusions but there are ways around that! Start each day with hot water and lemon for a digestion-boosting kick, and if you have to have coffee or tea, go for decaf versions and alternate with herbal teas.
  • Drink! Only water unfortunately J Save the alcohol for once a week and stick to a drink with more health benefits like red wine and its antioxidants. But drink as much water as you can through the day, not only will it hamper your appetite but it gets everything flowing properly in your body.
  • Want fruit? Drink whole smoothies, where the flesh and pulp has been pulverized, not just sugary juice. You get all the fiber benefits of the fruit as well as the delicious sweetness.
  • Limit carbs at night. Enjoy wholegrain carbs like wholewheat tortillas or brown rice stir fry for lunch, then stick to chicken and vegetables or similar at night. You’ll see the difference almost immediately.
  • Eat fats! Don’t be afraid of fat, good fats help aid digestion as well as your brain. Opt for avocados, nuts, oily fish, olive or coconut oils.
  • Eat foods that keep your sugar level balanced, like whole grains, sweet potatoes, lightly steamed vegetables. Make your body work hard to digest them rather than getting a sugary high from processed white bread or rice.
  • Spice it up! Add cinnamon, chilli or turmeric to your meals for a range of health benefits including an increased metabolism and cancer-busting antioxidants.
  • Sleep. Don’t get less than 7 hours a night and make sure you’re relaxed before you go to sleep – use a lavender spray or drink chamomile tea for a restful night. If necessary, rearrange your workout time so that you’re not going to bed buzzed up. If you don’t sleep well, the body stops producing lecithin, the natural hormone that tells you when you’re full.

So that’s it really; it might seem like a lot but once you start considering what you’re eating and making healthier choices, it all falls into place. And you’ll be even more motivated when you start to see the fat melt away when you use this diet in conjunction with the Flex belt. Good luck! Love, Lisa xx

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  1. Lisa,

    Nicely written…. both the review and this diet guide.


    What other sorts of products do you use & review?


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